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Hey there! Welcome and enjoy, any question, just ask. Every season I change what anime I'm watching in one of my links below so you can know what I'm gonna post. Also I have to warning you thath I like yaoi so you'll find that in this blog. También hablo español, así que no dudes en preguntar cualquier cosa que desees.


Well, like you can see in the links part I have one called "anime" I have there the list of the ones I'm watching, I recommend or I'm waiting for and the other one that is "comics online" in that one you can find all the comics I'm reading and that you can enjoy too. Go and have a look in both.



| Soumako Week | Day 6 - touch/sight |

Pretty sure this is not what the admin meant when they decided to make "Touch" as one of the prompts.

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Another Free! Premium Shop is being held, this time in Marui Kobe (in Kansai, near Osaka). No word yet on if the goods/clearfile designs/etc will be new or not, but the art is new for sure!

And their shoes match their hair………/loving sigh

You can see my report on the Free! Premium Shop in Marui City Shibuya here!

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there. are you happy now? i’m not. this is the worst meme ever.

i can only do 10 pics in a post, so rinharu didn’t make the original cut.

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I want THAT one for takeout.


Eren outfit request section -> here

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those cute looks Kageyama and Hinata give eachother whenever they are confused/overwhelmed..

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"Sleeping habits" for KageHina month

and happy late kagehina day <3

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